Hi there,

I’m Charly. I find pleasure in calling myself God’s Chosen One. I can be described as a devoted, caring and fun loving Christian. In my time of being saved I would say I have gone through all emotions one can go through on this earth including fear, anxiety, joy, heartbreak just to name a few. Through each experience I must admit God was always present. I have been saved for almost five years now and throughout this journey I have stumbled a lot, I have fallen a lot but what I can say is that with God’s grace each time I stumbled and fell I was able to get back up. I know most of you may have stumbled and fell a few times on your journey but I am here to say don’t stay down. Trust and know God is with you always to help you back up.

For everyone that knows me they will know how much I wish I can do more in this world. However of recent what I started asking myself is “What is stopping you from doing more?” You can ask yourself the same question. Whether it be getting involved in charity work close to where you live, donating to a cause or helping a family in need. Find some small way to make a change and give back to your community. What is stopping you from doing this?

The purpose of this Blog is to help those that feel lost. My hope and wish is to be able to give you a sense of comfort to know that you are not alone. You would get an insider view of my journey from being saved to present day and the lessons that I learned along the way. Yes this means you will get the “raw” and “uncensored” version with NO “frills”.

Love Charly