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Maintaining Peace in the midst of the Storm

How many of you know this statement is easier said than done? Sometimes we are so bugged down with everything that is going wrong in our lives that we find comfort in going and complain to our friends or counselors or to anyone that would listen about our problems. We often lose sight of the fact that the persons we are complaining to cannot do anything to change our situations. To see real change we need to go to the only one capable of bringing about change. The great I AM.

Some of you may be going through a difficult time on the job or you may have recently been laid off, you may be having a difficult time getting along with your boss or coworkers, you may be going through a difficult season in your marriage, your kids may be unruly and you may feel you don’t know how to get through to them again or you may just feel lonely and like no one really understand what you are going through. But I am here to assure you that there is someone who understands exactly what you are going through. The pain he went through to die for our sins cannot compare to what we will ever have to go through in life.

As much as it is good to have close friends and persons that we can confide in and talk to, the world can’t offer us peace. The world can only offer us things which are temporary. The peace of the Lord never leaves us. His word says in Isaiah 26:3 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee”. To continue in peace throughout our trials we need to keep our eyes fixed on him.

Sometimes we may be tempted to say that we have lost our peace and our joy but we only lose peace when we are looking for it in the wrong place. Peace is not tied to our finances. We do not need to have money in the bank to be at peace. If you are presently finding it hard to experience the peace of the Lord in the face of adversity take some time to take stock of your life. Is there something you are holding on to?

One statement my pastor always makes is that it is important for us not to just be hearers of the word but we also must be doers of the word. The word of the Lord will not work in our lives if we do not put it into action in our lives. We have to remember that our adversary has a mission. He will fight long and hard to keep our minds focused on our problems but “Greater is he that is in you than he than he that is in this world”. 1 John 4:4

If you are reading this and realized lately that you are finding it difficult to maintain peace, ask yourself these questions. Do I fully trust God? Do I fully trust that he would deliver me from this situation? Am I releasing it all to him? Am I saying I trust him but still trying to work in out in my mind? Am I finding myself asking what if? IF you are honest in the answering of these questions you would realize the areas of your life you need to work on.

If God has delivered you from a situation do not keep holding on to it. We may be tempted to bring to remembrance the pain we would have felt while going through the situation but why focus on that when he has already delivered you? Some of you may be holding on to the hurts of an abusive relationship or marriage but if the Lord delivered you stop letting it control your life by holding on to it. I am talking from experience when I say true healing only occurs when we let go of these hurts.

I once heard a minister say “It’s tempting to forget last month’s answers when faced with this month’s needs” And this is true for so many of us. Some of us worry how we would be able to afford mortgage/rent payments, how we would be able to buy food for our families and the list goes on. Ask yourself this, did he provide this for you last month? Why would he not provide this month? Is he not the same God this month as he was last month? Did his word not say his plans are to prosper us and not to harm us? Jeremiah 29:11. The only thing that happens when we worry about our problems is that we lose our peace. So stop worrying and start trusting in him.

Make the decision today to seek peace. Stop worrying and stop complaining about your situations and how bad things are in your life. Complaining only means that you have forgotten how good God is and how good he has been to you over the years. It all gets better in time.

Love yall



  1. Edie Emory

    Such a great word! I’m going through a season of uncertainty in my own life and have found such peace in these truths. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m seeking peace today. I shared this on Facebook.

  3. Be You and Thrive

    “The peace of the Lord never leaves us.” Love this post lady! Thank you! xo~D

  4. I try to set up ways, either visible reminders or pages in my journal, to remember what He has done in the past. Dwelling on His goodness definitely keeps my mind on Him in the future.

  5. Encouraging! Inner peace is so important because the Lord can only work through a peaceful heart. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This reminds me of a story from 2 Chronicles. God had helped the Israelites defeat an army despite being hugely outnumbered, but the next battle arose and the king sought to make alliances with other nations instead of trusting God’s provision. We need such constant reminding that God is good and real.

  7. katiedeckert

    This was a great reminder for me today. So thankful that Christ is our peace! This statement especially encouraged me in light of our current circumstances “As much as it is good to have close friends and persons that we can confide in and talk to, the world can’t offer us peace. “

  8. charlenemarie11

    Ugh trusting God in the storm is one of my biggest struggles!

  9. Leigh Powers

    I think peace is found in the assurance of God’s presence. I find peace as I spend time with him in the Word and in prayer.

  10. So powerful! I love that God’s peace reigns even in the chaos!

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