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Making time for Relationships

So lastly we need to make time for relationships. These relationships can include those with our parents, our siblings, our relatives, our friends, fellow believers and our co-workers. We need to make time to ensure that we are cultivating these relationships. Not because we get married does it mean that we should not have time for anyone but our spouses and God. We need to make sure that we let the important persons in our lives know just how much they mean to us.

Sometimes all it can take is a simple phone call to check up on our parents or grandparents to let them know that we miss them. They may or may not say it but they do miss our presence when we move out from home. Checking in lets them know that we care about them even though we are married and on our own. And where possible if it’s within reach, make time to visit them. Nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing the joy on my grandmother’s face when I go to visit her. It always pains my heart when she asks me “You leaving already?” when I am making my departure. I always had a close relationship with my grandmother and I know how much me visiting means to her.

Even with your friends, find time to spend with friends especially those that are not married and do not quite understand the dynamics of marriage. Our friends may think that when we get married we no longer have time for them and everything becomes about our spouses. They may feel abandoned and may not know how to deal with the changes that may come from us being married. So where possible find time to stay in touch and send messages. Make time to hang out and see your friends and fill each other in on what have been taking place in your life. This offer to spend time will mean much more than you know and can do a lot to mend a broken friendship. But please remember; don’t insist on always inviting your friend over to your house. Your friend may not always want to come over to your house and hang out with you and your spouse. Find activities that you can do one on one with each other that do not involve including your spouse.

Lastly but most importantly find time for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Make time to check in with them. When you are having low moments and may need someone to cover you in prayer reach out to them and the times they may be weak and need someone to cover them in prayer return the favor. From time to time along your Christian Journey you may find it difficult to pray on your own. This is where these friends come in. They would be able to stand in the gap for you and vice versa when they may be going through the same thing. Spend time in the word with them, growing in faith and getting to know God more. Encourage each other to grow. You can even have weekly or monthly Bible study sessions with them if your schedule permits.

So folks… All of these relationships are needed despite us being married. No man is an island and from time to time we may need one or all of these persons for some thing or the other. Don’t cut these people out of your life just because you think that you may no longer need them. If you are guilty of doing this there is still time to make amends and restore these broken relationships. Ask God to show you how you can restore these friendships today.

James 5:16 “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”


Love Charly




  1. Charly300589

    yes it is something that i have to continually work on. We all have things that are a work in progress. 🙂

  2. This is definitely something I struggle with. Too often I’m so wrapped up in my immediate family that I don’t make the time to call others. But I am aware of it and trying to do better.

  3. Sometimes so little done can mean so much to someone else

    1. Charly300589

      Yes this is so true.

  4. I do usually spend time with my husband before anyone else. I should learn to see my friends again!

    1. Charly300589

      Yes you can start off with a phone call first. Baby steps. But you’ll get there.

  5. I wish I could be better about this in all areas of life!!!

  6. Relationships take work and time. Good reminder of what we should do for our relationships to flourish! Thanks for sharing. – Amy

  7. My husband has been helping me work on this. Like some of the other ladies I mentioned, Often times I get so caught up in my immediate family and what they need that I forget to put time into things that are healthy for me too. Like relationships.

  8. Deployments have taught me the importance of close relationships outside of my marriage. My “battle buddies” are essential. I crave that interaction with my girlfriends and my close family.

  9. This was such an amazing read! Family is always first for me! So important! I love being close with my family!

  10. Rolli Beauty

    It is so important to make sure we keep up out relationships, fab post!

  11. Thanks for reminding us to stop and feel what is the most important in our life; family and friends!❤️

  12. It’s true, relationship is the building block to our success in other aspects of life 🙂

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